Appli-Kate Instructions

Appli-Kate is a build-up type glaze to be used over fired texture glazes, unfired underglazes, designer glazes that do not move or Satin Matte glazes and can be used on glass. Designs done with the Appli-Kate have a sugary appearance and they can be shaded with Translucent Underglazes and Glass Color, for added depth. You do not want to use any underglazes that have glaze in them. It will make the Appli-Kate pull back.

Appli-Kate is applied with a Taklon Brush or a Small Palette tool. Use the brush like a small scoop, picking up enough product to fill in the design. Then smooth out the top of the product.  If you don't smooth out the product it will be rough when you fire it. There are some projects you will want rough but for most designs you will want the product smooth.

There is a file on this page for you to download, to see how this product is used.

The instuction for the shading and completion of this project are included in the technique packet.

Appli-Kate Glaze produced by Back Door Ceramics

Back Door Ceramics is the new home for Appli-Kates

This is a build-up glaze that works great on ceramics and glass.

This is a product that needs to be fired.