Ceramic & Glass Retreats

Marchelle and Paul produce two retreats a year.

West Coast Retreat has been going on for over 11 years and we have always had a great time at this

retreat. We have been a few locations but as of right now our home is at a Girl Scout Camp outside of Philomath, OR. We have a really rustic but cute lodge in the timber with a pond right outside the windows.

The weekend is full of fun ceramic and glass classes. We always try to teach some of the new and latest techiques that are out on the market at the time. We also reach back into the past and bring foward old techniques that can be done with todays products.

We try to have the retreat in a peaceful enviroment where we don't have any phone intruptions, people

running in and out, and just an overall great get away.

West Coast Retreat is always held the last full weekend in March, if Easter doesn't mess us up.

Rocky Mountain Retreat is in its 7th year. This retreat is held in the Denver area. We have had

some bumps in the road with this retreat in some years but now that the bugs are worked out things

are going good. This retreat is held some where on a mountain only about an hours drive

outside of Denver. This retreat is held the third weekend in September.