Glass Color/Mud by Marchelle

Marchelle teaches a lot of fun projects with Glass Color/Mud. The Glass Color that we really like to use and use all of the time is Unique Glass Color.

This color comes in powder form and you mix the color as you use it. There are two different types of Meduim to use with the wonderful color.

The regular glass medium is used for just your general adding color to the glass.

The Layering Mix is used to do more of the Decoative Painting type color application.

There are many other things you can use the Layering Medium for but applying color and shading the design is one of my favorite things to do with this medium.

The Mud is one of my all time favorites to use from the UGC company. This product is a raised design product that can be fired or non-fired. When firing this product it does not need to be fired very hot, but when being used as a non-fire product it sets up as hard as a rock.

The Mud is a dimensional product and you can create so many beautiful designs.

UGC Glass Color comes in 42 Nt Colors, 16 Artisan Colors, 5 Accent Colors, and 5 Brand New Detail Colors.

Mud comes in White and Black. A new thing happening with the Mud is Mud Colorant.

There is always something new happening with this color product!!!!