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Rocky Mountain Retreat 2014



Marchelle and Paul Burnham will be hosting a ceramic retreat in the Rocky Mountains this year!!!! We have been hosting a ceramic retreat on the west coast for 6 years, so now we are having one in the Denver area. Dates for this retreat are Sept. 12-15, 2014..

 It is a wonderful weekend full of learning and having fun with friends that enjoy doing ceramics and glass.

The location of the Retreat has been chosen  so that you get away from everything and can just have a great time learning and creating. We are having this retreat at a YMCA Camp of the Rockies.  Everything is provided for you! All you need to bring is your brushes, and  clothes. Your bedroom is just down the hall from the class room.

Projects that are chosen for the weekend are always interesting! We bring in quest teachers to help with the creativity for the weekend! Sara Cantlon from Dallas, TX will be with us this year. She always brings wonderful creativity to the experience and she has years of knowledge to help us create and grow in the ceramic world!

Projects that are being taught at this Retreat are created for this weekend! We always have a variety of techniques to teach so that we have something for everyone! This year we will be doing Airbrushing, Brushstrokes, Appli-Kates, Glass Fusing, and Clay Work. You will go home with at least 6-8 projects and usually a lot more! We always try to find new things to share with you on this weekend. We also try to have new things available for you to take home so you can continue to create after the weekend is over and you are full of all kinds of new ideas!

The ceramic industry needs fun places for people to spend the weekend just creating, painting, and connecting with people you love to do ceramics!!!!

So check your calendars and see if you can join us for a great creative weekend! We would love to have you!

If you have any questions contact: Marchelle or Paul Burnham at shop 541-372-5521, cell 208-447-8561 or email: bakdor@fmtc.com 

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